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We love desserts and you do too. But you know when you're trying to make dessert or some sweets for a party and it doesn't turn out well because you measured something wrong or used the wrong ingredients? Or maybe you were just too busy to shop and do all of the prep work and so you bought a pre-made dessert for your family not knowing exactly what it was made from?

The Sweet Box was created to stop this madness! We pre-measure and send you real ingredients, free of artificial preservatives, dyes and flavors. All-natural, organic and GMO-free ingredients are used whenever possible. Our special recipe cards have heaps of photos to help you along. As a result, you get delicious desserts, even if you’re a terrible baker!

On top of that, there are two deeply important things that we give to our customers and this is why we started the company:

Memories: The Sweet Box is a real experience. Whether you order one of our dessert kits for yourself or send a Sweet Box to a loved one as a gift, memories will be made. That doesn’t happen when you buy pre-made desserts. That definitely doesn’t happen when you buy a cookie mix. You're too busy to bake and we offer an easy way for you to have that experience and to share it with others.

Time: The most valuable thing you have in the universe is time. And we give you more of it by shopping and selecting the highest quality ingredients and recipes for you. You simply follow our instructions and enjoy fresh from your oven desserts. We do the boring part and you do the fun part. You save money too since you won’t be buying ingredients that you will never use up.

We get professional-quality dessert photos everyday from customers who had never baked before and a double-digit percentage of our customers come back to send The Sweet Box as a gift. Give us a try and share your photos online. We love hearing from you!

Jim Miller

Jim Miller


Founded in 2015, The Sweet Box is the premium dessert baking kit company. Sweet Boxes are sent around the country from our sparkling, commercial facility in Lake Forest, IL, just outside of Chicago.